32" Single Row LED Light Bar with Hybrid Technology


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    Using a world-leading combination of OSRAM® and CREE® LED’s, these light bars deliver both huge distance and massive flood in one package.

    This LED lighting product has an ingress protection rating of IP68 The maximum light output of this LED lighting product is 5400 lumens This LED light produces 1 lux at 440m distance This LED light includes both spot and flood beams

    Key features

    • Oversized heatsink: helps LEDs remain cooler and brighter
    • Rubber seal: custom molded seal helps ensures 100% waterproofness
    • Ultimate reliability: Design ensures that damage to part of the light will not cause total failure
    • Long useful life: 100+ lumen per watt LEDs with over 50,000 hours useful life
    • IP68 ingress rating: protected against complete, continuous submersion in water
    • Uses less power: Patented hybrid reflector lens achieves 94%+ efficiency
    • Shatterproof lens: Lexan polycarbonate lens is unbreakable, abrasion-resistant and optically clear
    • Positively sealed light enclosure: bolts placed every 10cm for a positively sealed enclosure.

    CBQ dual-chip technology

    The secret behind the beam pattern of CBQ hybrid light bars is in combining the excellent flood capabilities of CREE® LEDs, the outstanding distance performance of OSRAM® LED’s and our own custom-engineered reflectors.

    This is the beam produced by a flood-only light:

    This is the beam produced by a spot-only light:

    This is the unique beam produced by a CBQ hybrid light:


    Materials Aircraft aluminium
    Shatterproof Lexan lens
    LED Manufacturer Genuine OSRAM®
    LED Number 12 x 3w (spot)
    6 x 3w (flood)
    Output 5,400 lumens
    Lux 1 lux @ 440m
    Beam distance 880m
    Ingress Protection IP68
    Weight 3.0kg
    Working Voltage 11 – 38v DC
    Current 12v/4.5A – 24v/2.25A
    Colour Temp 5500-6000K
    Lifespan 50,000 hours

    Pack Contents

    1x 54w LED light bar
    2x side mounting brackets
    2x leg mounting brackets
    1x male & female Deutsch plug connectors


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