2 Bar Orange/White LED Camping Light Kit With Diffusers


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    This 2 bar LED camping light kit is designed as an entry-level kit for those with small setups or who are just starting out with camping. It is also a popular choice for illuminating canopies or toolboxes. With 1,180 lumens total light output (on white setting) and over 12m of high quality plug-and-play cabling, you will have plenty of different options when lighting up your campsite.

    This LED lighting product has an ingress protection rating of IP68 The maximum light output of this LED lighting product is 1,180 lumens This LED lighting product produces orange and white light This LED light has a 180 degree light beam

    What’s New – At a Glance

    Switchable from white to orange light

    Drag the slider to see what happens when you switch our camping lights from their bright white setting over to bug-reducing orange (6 bar kit shown).

    Key features

    • Thicker bar profile for added strength and improved appearance
    • Multiple light bar mounting options:
      • Inbuilt magnets for attachment to most metal surfaces
      • Removable pole clips for easy attachment to tent poles (including non-magnetic aluminium poles)
    • Removable diffusers for a wider angle, softer light beam
    • Reinforced grommets to prevent wire breakage at light bar ends
    • IP68 waterproof rating means the lights are completely watertight (in fact they will run underwater)
    • Waterproof locking DC connectors on all cables
    • Heavy-duty, double insulated cables to prevent voltage drop, which results in brighter bars
    • Minimal heat output, unlike gas lamps
    • Low power consumption – can be left on all night without affecting your battery


    Housing material Aluminium alloy
    LED type Genuine OSRAM® SMD5050
    LED coating Ultra clear UV-resistant epoxy resin
    Current draw 12v/1.2A per hour
    Output 1,180 lumens (white)
    700 lumens (orange)
    Ingress Protection IP68 (excl. dimmers)
    Beam Angle 180 degrees
    LED Lifespan 50,000 hours

    Pack Contents

    2x 48cm super-bright orange/white light bars
    1x Orange/white dimmer switches
    4x Removable light bar pole clips
    1x Dimmer pole clips
    1x 5m lead with cigarette plug
    2x 3m orange/white extension cable